Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No More “New Year’s Resolutions”

No More “New Year’s Resolutions”
A New Twist on Time Management
Cindy Hyde

Sigh. Resolutions come and go. Sometimes guilt, disappointment, and even shame come because we did not keep our ‘resolution’ to ourselves. I say NO MORE resolutions!

This year I resolve [decide, make my mind up, determine] to not make any resolutions!

This year we can choose to focus on our life vision. Or at the least, we can focus on the vision for this year. If we take the main areas of our life: Sprituality, Relationships (both friends & family), Career, Education, Finances, Community Service, Recreation, and Health (mental, physical, and emotional) and look at them as individual components we will have many long-term and short-term goals that may or may not connect to our overall vision. Each of these areas of our life should be looked at a whole picture. We should look at the vision at the end of the year instead of where we are right now. We can project ourselves into the future and decide what it is that is important to us.

Instead of piecing our lives together with individual goals, we can look at the vision and begin to work backwards. Goals are part of a vision, but they are individual parts or steps that get us closer to the vision. If we took stock in the ‘important to me’ things, and focus on them instead of making resolutions, how much longer do you think we would stick with a plan?

Vision drives us. Without vision, we are lost and floundering through life without direction. Why is it that we are goal oriented and not vision oriented? If you have a vision you will have goals, in fact, you are going to have to meet several goals in order for your vision to become a reality. However, the vision is not a goal. Vision defines every aspect of who we are, uses every gift we have, requires all the talents we develop, and utilizes all the skills we have learned. Vision carries us through the tough times, knowing there is more to life than what we have right now.

Charge. Take a few minutes before the end of the year to focus on what it is you personally want out of life or what you want to do with your life. Look at what burns in your heart. Examine the desires you have always had but never had the nerve to do anything with them.

Whatever your vision is WRITE IT DOWN. Write the vision and make it plain the Scriptures instruct. Write it down. Make it clear to yourself. Think about it every day of your life. Work with your vision until it becomes part of you. See yourself doing the vision, being the vision, working with the vision. If you take just 10 minutes a day to focus on your vision, thinking about how it will be, what it will sound like, what it feels like, looks like, smells like, involving your senses in the imagination the stronger your vision will become. The stronger the vision becomes the more of a reality it becomes.

You can realize your vision. I am living my vision right now. I had a vision of helping people. Of bring hope and healing to wounded souls. I am doing just that. Each year my vision expands with more details. Again, I find myself in need of more vision for this next year. I ask myself, what do I want to do? What do I see myself doing? What can I do to help others? No matter how much of your vision has become a reality, there is always room for growth. Expand it, move the tent stakes as the Scripture says. Pray and ask the Lord to enlarge your territory. He will.

Take the vision for this New Year and write it out. Work your vision backwards. If you want to loose weight, what is your goal for the end of the year? Write your plan for each quarter, making each of the short-term goals clear and easily accomplished and only use one sheet of paper for the whole year. You will find that your vision finds you and makes a way for you. The Lord will begin to send people across your path to help make the vision a reality. Afterall, He is the one who gives you the vision in the first place!

One vision + 10 minutes/day = Reality.

Do it!

Pray. Write. Meditate.

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