Sunday, September 21, 2014

Did You Ever Think?

Did you ever think... 
     Did you ever think you would find yourself in this position? In this predicament? In this failing relationship? In this dead end job? In this lifeless church? In this shape?

Do you ever think... 
     There has got to be more to life than this? That you are supposed to be doing something but you are not sure what? Why am I still at this job; at this church; or why am I still In this dysfunctional relationship? 

Having asked all these questions and more myself I can tell you with great assurance that there is always more to life than you have right now. When you align yourself completely and totally with the will of God He then begins an alignment process in your life. If you feel stuck start giving of yourself, like donations of all kinds, like volunteering for a nonprofit who could use your expertise. Expect nothing in return though. 

If you want to make changes for a better life start clearing out the junk in your closets, under your beds, and everywhere else you have stuffed stuff. 

Give away what you can, sell what you can, or donate it.  The feeling and the benefit you get from doing this will begin to cause a shift in your attitude and open you up to begin receiving what God has for you. 

So stop questioning and thinking so much and get yourself into gear. These ten suggestions for change will get you started. 

1. Pray. 
2. Release. 
3. Give. 
4. Donate. 
5. Volunteer. 
6. Be open and receptive to new ideas.
7. Clean out. 
8. Organize. 
9. Receive. 
10. Be grateful and thankful. 

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