Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Poodle Kind of Love - A Free Verse Poem I Did for a Creative Writing Course

A Poodle Kind of Love

Speaks loudly with no words at all my poodle does.
Being the world’s second smartest breed,
Creative ways to express himself he easily finds,
Licking, staring, prancing and dancing...

Hook and loop Velcro he thinks he is,
No matter where I am, bed, couch, or chair,
Tis’ where he is, black curly hair stuck to me,
Hugging, snuggling, playing and entertaining…

Tail in full wag, legs flying through the air
Is how I am greeted every time I come home.
Five minutes or five hours, the greeting is the same,
Wiggling, whirling, twirling and jumping…

A greater love cannot we find in all the world,
Tis’ a poodle kind of love, freely, intentionally,
Unlimited, unmerited, unconditional, he is
Loving, adoring, caring and charming…

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